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Our Stories

Meet Nick & Carol


To Carol and Nick, it’s somewhat of a natural progression for them to begin making wine with their own grapes in the Barossa Valley.

Their combined knowledge, passion, family heritage and dedication to preserving Barossa winemaking traditions have all been poured into Lost Penny Wines.

The Riebke Family Story


The Riebke home is surrounded by a lush patchwork of vineyards, rolling hills, majestic gums and the gorgeous stonework, timber and iron of a bygone era.

The story began when their ancestors arrived with the earliest German and European immigrants who have since shaped the rich culture and traditions that the Barossa is so well known for today.

The Lost Penny Story


The story of Lost Penny Wines has deep roots.

Imagine finding the first lost penny in the Ebenezer vineyards in the Barossa, South Australia. A well-worn and slightly battered coin just peeking out of the dirt that when dusted off, turned out to be from 1891!

“From little beginnings, great things evolve and allow for change. This is where the story of Lost Penny has formed. From a little coin lost in the ground, by chance being found, and now being the inspiration behind our very own wine. It gives the real meaning behind the saying – Like a Lost Penny unique and rare, so are our wines”.

Carol Riebke

Winemaker, Lost Penny Wines