The Lost Penny Wines Story

Why Lost Penny?

Nick and Carol Riebke are extremely proud and excited to join together as a family to produce their very own premium Barossa wines.

All from the same family blocks in Ebenezer, Barossa Valley, that their family has worked since the late 1800s. 

But, the story of Lost Penny Wines has deep roots.

It began five generations ago, after their ancestors came to the Barossa to escape religious persecution in Germany. They brought with them Shiraz cuttings on the ship, with the hope of beginning a new life.


Lost treasure found among the vines

In the property’s old house in the late 1800’s, they would make wine to service the local social gatherings! Back then, the tight-knit German community would join together, and head out into the vineyard after enjoying a few tipples.

A few guests must have lost their feet, as well as the coins from their pockets!

Nick and Carol stumbled across a number of these old lost pennies on the block from the years gone by, marvelling at their discovery.

They wanted to honour this connection to their heritage, and this is why Lost Penny Wines has now been born.

A special piece of Barossa’s history

“Imagine how we felt when we found our first lost penny. A well-worn and slightly battered coin just peeking out of the dirt that when dusted off, turned out to be from 1891!

It’s incredible that the pennies have survived all this time, in blocks that have been well worked by four generations.

Then finding out the history of how they came to get there gave us all a good chuckle. They’re such a special piece of history and get your imagination going about what those times would have been like.”

Nick Riebke

Grapegrower, Lost Penny Wines

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