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2019 Lost Penny
Money Garden
Cabernet Sauvignon


Over the generations there has been one block on the property, that was given the name Money Garden. The patch of Cabernet Sauvignon is where numerous coins have been found. There have been many different people that have worked the vines throughout the years and have been lucky to find a Lost Penny.

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14% vol

Barrel Maturation

Matured in French oak barrel for 18 months

Vintage Notes

The 2019 vintage started out with the growing season being dry and it continued that way, with below average rainfall for all of the months. Budburst and early vine growth were delayed in September with below average minimum temperatures, but then caught up during October and November with warmer than average days. January and December resulted in above average maximum temperatures. With February closer to average maximums and below average minimum,it made for the ideal timing, and resulted in the perfect conditions for ripening the smaller crops. By the end of the second week in April we had finished harvest, which was one of the earliest on record.

Winemaking Notes

Colour: Dark deep red with a garnet hue
Nose: Sweet cinnamon, blackcurrant and touch of leafy tonnes.
Palate: A fine and elegant structure with mouth filling intense berry fruits. Rich earthy leafy notes giving a complex structure.

The 2019 Lost Penny Money Garden Cabernet Sauvignon has an overall sweet spiced nose and palate with an elegant structure and full mouth feel of rich berry and leafy characters. This wine will continue to evolve over many years with careful cellaring.